Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I add my Discord ID?

Once you have created an account on the website, you can add your Discord ID by going to your account settings page here.

How do I find my Discord ID
  1. Make sure you have developer mode enabled in Discord. You'll find Developer Mode in User Settings > Advanced.
  2. Right click user ID.
  3. Select "Copy ID"


How do I create a team?

Once you have created an account on the website, you are able to create your very own team. Simply make sure you are signed into your account, then navigate to the Create Team page ( Once you fill out the information here, you will become the team captain.

How do I invite players onto my team?

Currently, there is no option to initiate an invitation. Instead, you should ask the player you’d like to join your team to go request an invitation from the team page. Then, as an owner or captain, you can approve the request and the player will join your team.

How can I join a team?

Team captains can send out team invites by navigating to their team home page > selecting Manage Team > and sending an invite using a player's username.


What are seasons?

Seasons are a designated time period, often a number of months that matches will be generated for. These matches will pair all the teams that have registered for the season itself.

How do I register my team for a season?

After creating a team, you can then join a season with that team as long as it is registered for the same league as the season. If registration for that season is still open, simply find the season listed under the Leagues dropdown menu and, if you are a captain, you will see a button to click to register your team.


Where can I see the season schedule?

After navigating to the season home page, the first tab will show the current week’s matchups. If you would like to see all the matchups, the full schedule, click the “See All Matches” link to view the entire schedule.

When is my team’s next match?

Your team’s next match will be listed under the schedule tab on the season page. This tab shows all upcoming matches for the current week.

How do I schedule my next match?

Once you know which team you are playing against. Both teams can communicate with each other to determine on a time that works best. Once a team has been decided on, both teams will need to submit their match dates and times via the match page before they have the option to submit scores. Matches should be scheduled in pacific time.

How do I report scores for the match my team just played?

After navigating to the schedule tab on the season page, you can click on each individual match. If you are a captain, and both teams have already submitted matching match dates, you will see a button to submit match score. This will bring you to a page with a form to fill out with all the associated information required for score submission.

Where are the standings for the season?

After navigating to the season page, the second tab underneath is the leaderboard tab. This will show the current standing for the season based on records and/or rankings as determined by the season rules.


Can I change my profile name?

Yes, you can change your profile name in the account settings page here.

Can I change my password?

Yes, after you have logged in on the website, navigate to your account settings ( Here you have the option to change your password.

I forgot my Password, now what?

There is a link on the sign in page to click if you forgot your Password ( Simply go here and put in the email you used to register for that account. If you have an account with the email address that was passed in, you will receive an email that will explain how to reset your password.

Why is my account ineligible?

Players can become ineligible by one of two ways.

  1. When a team leaves an ongoing season, all team members will be marked as ineligible for that season's league.
  2. When a player is removed or leaves a team that is in an ongoing season, that player will be marked as ineligible for that season's league.

Ineligible players are prohibited from joining/creating teams that are affiliated with the league they are ineligible for. Players will automatically become eligible after two weeks have passed.

Why is my account suspended?

Player accounts are suspended when VALVR determines the player has severely or repeatedly violated VALVR's rules of conduct. To inquire further, players can reach out to VALVR support via Players with suspended accounts will be prohibited from participating in any seasons and performing common actions such as creating/joining teams.