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The Virtual Athletics League(VAL) is dedicated to bringing joy and energy to the VR esports world. It's all about the adrenaline and intensity that comes from this new type of sport. VAL focuses its efforts on the three main pillars of international VR esports:

Working with game developers to prepare their games with the tools necessary to support esports events.

Giving the fans the ability to watch, cheer and support their favorite VR esport with ease.

And especially for competitors in VAL events worldwide, to not just play the hero, but be the hero!

VR headset
VR headset

What is VR esports
Traditional esports has quickly become a premier global entertainment stream and has forever changed the world’s perception of the video game industry.

Competitive gaming has grown from simple LAN events to the massive stadium filled arenas with millions of viewers.

Now video gaming, and its competitive nature, have evolved even further thanks to virtual reality. It combines the tactics and skills of esports with new physicality and athleticism.

From this evolution, the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) was born.

The Virtual Athletics League is changing the way the world views VR competition in a revolutionary way. We are seeing athletes, players at home, and fans break new ground in an industry with untapped growth potential.

Our mission not only facilitates that growth but also creates an initiative for the community that will be integral to VR esports.

Fans can stay in the loop on upcoming events, connecting directly with other community members to cheer their favorite team and players on.

While competitors will have access to a global directory and event location feature that includes when and where the next competition will take place.

These are only a few of the incredible features that the VAL offers to the global world of VR esports.

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How We Help...

Game Developers

We work closely with our affiliated game developers to ensure that their titles are ready, evaluated, and optimized for tournaments. This can entail anything from ensuring that the game functions in an arcade environment, to synchronizing their API to our tournament software in order to help facilitate a seamless, low-maintenance tournament creation process. This applies whether your game is a crowd-pleasing arcade leaderboard game or its a deeply skilled VR esports game that takes hours to master at home.


The main focus in a competitive environment is always on the player experience. We want players to have an awesome time when entering their latest conquest of the leaderboards or throwing down in PvP action. We want to ensure that players, of all skill levels, feel like they are treated like professional VR esports stars regardless if they are participating with a team at their arcade, or jumping into one of our online events for players in their living rooms. For the most competitive VR athletes, we run LAN events in person.


We strive to create an inclusive and positive environment for fans of all ages and levels. Whether you're a casual observer or fanatical supporter, our tools and structure will help you follow along with all the latest activity.

How To Participate


Signing up and Participating is free!
VAL is the largest independent VR esports league! We help you join games and tournaments around the world, whether that is from arcades or your home VR device! You can view standings, tournament information, as well as brackets. You can create and join a team, as well as have priority access to our content locker where you can get tips from PRO players on how to improve your game to help you win!


Cheering is free!
VAL is working hard behind the scenes to create a fully immersive and inclusive community to help fans have the best experience possible. The world of VR opens so up so many possibilities for fans and players alike to connect better than ever. Join up to instantly become part of the fandom of VR esports!

Compete, Get Fit, Win Prizes!

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