Virtual Athletics League (VAL)

We are dedicated to bringing the joy and absolute energy behind VR esports to the world. VAL focuses its efforts on the three main pillars of international VR esports:

1. Working with game developers to prepare their games with the tools necessary to support esports events.
2. Helping VR arcades to become top tier VR esports centers and host their own tournaments.
3. For competitors in VAL events worldwide, to not just play the hero, but be the hero!

What is VR esports?

Traditional esports has quickly become a premier global entertainment stream and has forever changed the world’s perception of the video game industry.

Competitive gaming has grown from simple LAN tournaments to major spectacles which attract millions of viewers.

Now video gaming, and its competitive nature, have evolved even further thanks to virtual reality. It combines the tactics and skills of esports with new physicality and athleticism.

From this evolution, Virtual Athletics League (VAL) was born.

VAL's Impact

Virtual Athletics League is changing the way the world views VR competition in a revolutionary way. We are seeing athletes, players at home, and arcade owners break new ground in an industry with untapped growth potential.

Our mission not only facilitates that growth but also creates an initiative for the community that will be integral to VR esports.

Arcade owners will finally have access to best practice checklists, and guides that significantly ease the burden of preparation for upcoming events.

While participants will have access to a global arcade locator feature that includes when and where the next event will take place, nearest to them.

These are only two of the incredible features that VAL offers to the global world of VR esports.